it tastes like fresh fruit~
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Yohji Yamamoto

"A one-room condo in Sangenjaya, southwest Tokyo. Here lives a secretary who’s soul belongs to Yohji Yamamoto. In her first year working at a furniture import company, she was influenced by her mother who is big Yohji fan and she herself was "almost unconsciously just wearing Yohji." She refrains from wearing Yohji to the office because "I haven’t a single friend at work anyway and it’s already hard enough to fit into group activities." Her compact quarters are full of Yohji and other clothes, accessories and fashion magazines. Her prime objective for the moment is to move to a little larger place."


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Do what you feel like doin
Tell a mothafucka no when you don’t feel like screwin
I did, you do it, break the ties that bound
Keep a mothafucka off ya, keep ya feet on the ground
Hey, fuck you, if you don’t go for that

-mothafuckin Millie Jackson, you BITCHES!

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